Ultimate Fantastic Four #28A

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Fantastic Four
Ultimate Fantastic Four #28A

Direct Edition
Marvel Comics
Release: 22 Mar 2006
Cover: 01 May 2006

Plot: “President Thor”
As the Fantastic Four find themselves adrift in a world they never imagined – a world where the Ultimates’ Thor commands the free world – they come face-to-face with what may prove to be their greatest threat – Ultimate Super Skrull! But in this strange world – will Super Skrull prove to be friend or foe…? Part 2 (of 3).

Creators: Mark Millar | Greg Land | Matt Ryan
Main Characters: Human Torch (Ultimate) (Jonathan ‘Johnny’ Storm) | Invisible Woman (Ultimate) (Susan Storm) | Mr. Fantastic (Ultimate) (Reed Richards)

Genre: Action | Adventure | Super-Heroes
Cover Price: 2.5
Language: English

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