Ultimate Spider-Man #53A

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Ultimate Spider-Man #53A
Direct Edition
Marvel Comics
Release: 04 Feb 2004
Cover: 01 Apr 2004

Plot: Peter heads to the Watson’s house with Aunt May and Gwen in an attempt to help, only to get attacked by MJ’s dad (who, it seems, has changed his name to “Greg” since issue 51.) He tracks her down, and then has enough down time to figure out the Black Cat’s true identity. The Kingpin and Elektra beat him there, but he manages to postpone the death of the Black Cat for a while, only to see her struck down by Elektra after disposing of the tablet Kingpin wanted so much.

Creators: Brian Michael Bendis | Mark Bagley | Art Thibert
Main Characters: Spider-Man (Ultimate) (Peter Parker) | Mary Jane Watson (Ultimate) | May Parker (Ultimate)

Age: Modern
Genre: Action | Adventure | Super-Heroes
Cover Price: 2.25
Language: English

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