Ultimate Fantastic Four #56

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Fantastic Four
Ultimate Fantastic Four #56

Marvel Comics
Release: 15 Jul 2008
Cover: 01 Sep 2008

Plot: Sue and the rest of the FF see the same puzzle from two different sides. Sue is undersea with Namor, who tells her about the fall of Atlantis. Reed and the FF are topside, where they learn Agatha Harkness’ intentions. Only Sue sees the connection between the two.

Creators: Mike Carey | Eric ‘eBas’ Basaldua
Main Characters: Human Torch (Ultimate) (Jonathan ‘Johnny’ Storm) | Invisible Woman (Ultimate) (Susan Storm) | Mr. Fantastic (Ultimate) (Reed Richards)

Age: Modern
Genre: Action | Adventure | Science Fiction | Super-Heroes
Cover Price: 2.99
Language: English

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