Ultimate Fantastic Four #49

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Fantastic Four
Ultimate Fantastic Four #49

Marvel Comics
Release: 01 Feb 2008
Cover: 01 Feb 2008

Plot: Continuing their rescue efforts for Sue, Ben, Reed and Johnny take on the group of Crimson Dynamos they met in Siberia. Meanwhile, Sue is doing her best to escape from the Red Ghost and her Super Apes, who are planned to eliminate all scientists for reasons that make sense only to them and (unseen) other members of their obscure faith. During the chase, the Red Ghost activates a countdown timer that will set off the nuclear failsafe device in one of the remaining Crimson Dynamo armours. While the timer is counting down, Reed, Ben and Johnny enter the facility, fighting the Super Apes while Sue takes on the Red Ghost. The battle is ended when the armour detonates, and the only confirmed survivors are the Fantastic Four and their ally Igor Kragoff. (They do acknowledge that the Red Ghost’s abilities may have allowed her to survive as well.) Reed and Sue discuss their relationship on the way home, only to be interrupted by the discovery of a giant energy cube surrounding New York City.

Creators: Mike Carey | Mark Brooks | Jaime Mendoza
Main Characters: Invisible Woman (Ultimate) (Susan Storm) | Ivan Kragoff (Earth-1610: Ultimate) | Thing (Earth-1610: Ultimate) (Benjamin J. Grimm)

Genre: Action | Adventure | Science Fiction | Super-Heroes
Cover Price: 2.99
Language: English

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