Green Lantern Corps, Vol. 1 #15A

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Green Lantern
Green Lantern Corps, Vol. 1 #15A
The Sinestro Corps War – Part Five: The Battle of Mogo
Patrick Gleason Regular
DC Comics
Release: 22 Aug 2007
Cover: 01 Oct 2007

Plot: Kilowog leads a squad of Green Lanterns to Mogo where Ranx and the Sinestro Corps are attacking. Within Ranx, the Children of the White Lobe prepare for their attack. With Ranx using gravity disruptors, a hole is drilled into Mogo’s surface which the Children can travel down before detonating a bomb at Mogo’s core. On Korugar, Soranik Natu reluctantly abandons her patients and flies off to join the battle.On Oa, Salakk is dismayed to hear that the Children are on Mogo and asks Arisia for the status of Sodam Yat, the rookie Salakk assigned her to.The Sinestro Corps member Arkillo attacks Kilowog before he splits up the Lanterns, sending Yat with others into Ranx itself. Despite asking to go with him, Arisia remains on Mogo. The Guardians are concerned that the prophecy in the Book of Oa may come true and decide to re-write the Book. On Qward, the Lost Lanterns seeking Ion find the Anti-Monitor instead.

Creators: Dave Gibbons | Angel Unzueta | Patrick Gleason
Main Characters: Green Lantern (Kilowog) | Guardians of the Universe | Green Lantern (Arisia Rrab)

Age: Modern
Genre: Action | Adventure | Science Fiction | Super-Heroes
Cover Price: 2.99
Language: English

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