Captain America, Vol. 1 #699

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Captain America, Vol. 1 #699
Out of Time, Part Two

Release: 07 Mar 2018
Cover: 01 May 2018

Plot: THE STORYLINE LEADING TO THE MASSIVE ISSUE #700 CONTINUES! •  Leading a fight for freedom in the far future, Steve Rogers and his troops are outgunned and outnumbered! •  For the people of the Divided States of America, that’s always been a death sentence… •  …but with Captain America, it’s a chance to fight back! Rated T+

Creators: Mark Waid | Chris Samnee
Main Characters: Captain America (Steve Rogers) | The Thing (Benjamin J. Grimm) | Hulk (Robert Bruce Banner)

Age: Modern
Genre: Action | Adventure | Super-Heroes
Cover Price: 3.99
Language: English

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