Captain America, Vol. 1 #204A

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Captain America, Vol. 1 #204A
“The Unburied One!”

Release: 01 Dec 1976
Cover: 01 Dec 1976

Plot: At a SHIELD psychiatric facility, Cap and Dr. Hartman try unsuccessfully to get Brother Wonderful and Brother Inquisitor to reveal how to restore Falcon and Leila’s memory. Soon after, Hartman shows Cap a strange inmate: a walking corpse without pulse or heartbeat, calling himself Agron and claiming to be from the far distant future. Later, having grown larger and more powerful, Agron attacks his attendants and breaks out. Meanwhile, Sharon Carter uses the Falcon’s condition to try to get Cap to quit his super-heroing and stalks off when he resists. At the psychiatric facility, Agron collapses after being repeatedly shot. Hartman has him taken to the mortuary but fears he is not dead but only resting. He contacts Cap, asking for help but Cap. still smarting from Sharon’s comments, begs off. Just then, Agron revives, crackling with energy, and crashes through a wall. Desperate, Hartman frees the still amnesiac Falcon, telling him that Agron is threatening his Brothers and Sisters. Falcon attacks but, as Agron continues to transform before him, screams in horror.

Creators: Jack Kirby | Frank Giacoia
Main Characters: Captain America (Steve Rogers) | Falcon (Sam Wilson) | Agent 13 (Sharon Carter)

Age: Bronze
Genre: Action | Adventure | Super-Heroes
Cover Price: 0.3
Language: English

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